Techniques for making your home the base

Techniques for making your home the base for major earnings

The power of freelancing seated in the comfort of one’s drawing room is well known to everybody, and such activities present perhaps the most important means of generating income as a busy homebody. Maybe not as frequently considered as online freelancing jobs, there are other multiple ways of generating income, making your home your entrepreneurial base.

Income that you gain from home rentals

People have generated income ranging from $40,000 to $50,000 by renting either their entire home or a portion of it to total strangers. The rental is becoming a trusted source of income for many categories of clients looking out for extra cash, using the opportunity to maximize income from idle real estate.

Again, it is not necessary that you let out the home in its entirety; you can also rent a part of the home while occupying the main portion. And if you find it tedious doing the spadework of finding clients agreeable to rent your home at competitive rates, you’d be in for a surprise because portals such as Airbnb, Craigslist and Roomorama do the job for you if you sign in with them and enter the details of your home or rooms that you wish to rent out.

You just need to refurbish the guest room, basement or garage or provide a rooftop ambiance with a balcony or sit out. No matter how much you crowd your home, you can always find space that can be rented out without conflicting with your family’s spatial needs. The same goes for office spaces that may be lying unused as idle assets; these spaces can be advertised on the Desktime portal. And if you thought people wanted only home space, you’d be surprised there is a huge demand for parking space that can be advertised on JustPark or ParkOnMyDrive.

Income that you gain by caring for pets

As a nation, we are huge pet lovers, and you’ll rarely find a home that doesn’t cater to a menagerie of pets of all types. But as you are aware, the average pet lover also needs time off to attend to work and leisure, and those are moments that they desperately search for pet care assistance. This presents a golden opportunity to open up your cozy home to dogs and pups, and cats and kittens whose owners are away on jobs and errands. This is an excellent way to earn a few extra bucks, but you need to be very caring and show a compassionate streak for our animal friends to make a great impression with pets and their owners to trust you enough to repeat their visits. Online sites such as DogVacay help you list out the specialized services that you cater to ranging from day care and walking to bathing and grooming or anything else you can think of, even medical checkups. It’s fun and engaging work being surrounded by cute puppies and adorable kittens, and you wouldn’t mind the hard work and time involved in caring their intimate needs. Before long, you may discover to your pleasant surprise that pet care is a startlingly paying business, and many people, encouraged by the response and income, make it their full time vocation.

Renting the car you rarely use

RelayRides and Getaround are online portals that do a great job making available cars of all descriptions on a rental basis, and you’d be amazed because most of the vehicles are not company owned vehicles or corporate sponsored cars or taxis; they are cars that people rent out individually for the simple reason that their vehicles happen to be sitting idle while the owners are busy elsewhere. There are advantages that are too good to resist – you free up garage space, the vehicle that was gathering dust gets a breather, and you coolly pocket a side income that could be very useful. The rental companies do a smooth job getting renters to arrange separate insurance to cover accidents and accidental damage, and renters are also asked to clean and maintain the car in roadworthy condition. So owners can rest assured on safety aspects.

Disposing junk mail in a way that generates income

If you were filling your trash can with junk mail, advertisements and Sunday newspaper inserts, you could actually be throwing away a good source of income. There are many companies that could use junk mail and are willing to pay you for taking the trouble of forwarding such mail to their office addresses. There are market research firms that will mail you self-addressed envelopes so that you can reroute the mail you receive to the address specified by the company. It works on a points system, where the points you earn on each individual mail get redeemed in prepaid Visa cards. SBK center is one such marketing company that can help you generate extra income in your spare time. Also, if you have in your possession high priced coupons that remain unused, you can generate eBay listings inviting people to bid for them.

Turing photography from arty passion to income generator

Photography is a wholly underutilized genre that has tremendous income generating potential. With social media such as Instagram and SnapChat at your disposal, all you need to do is to generate great snaps to attract sponsorship and a snappy side income. It may be emphasized that one doesn’t have to be a blue blooded professional photographer or a photo editing expert to enter this business. What you need is an eye for detail, an interesting setting, willingness to scour the great outdoors and a sense of excellent timing to grab the best shots that will interest and attract people’s attention. The pics should be of excellent quality with style, setting and color added to enhance appearance. If the topic, for example, is pets, the cuteness quotient should be appropriately high. If it’s a decorative item, there should be a heightened sense of fashion and style, and so on. Tweet them, write a few descriptive lines, use a hashtag and build a community chat set up so that people will talk about the pics and possibly share and circulate them. If you have a talent for this kind of work, within no time you could attain celebrity status and cash in on the advertisements and sponsorships that follow.

Leveraging the value of your unused wardrobe

Everybody has one or two fashionable dresses that they used for parties and are shy of wearing again, and though the dresses are in perfect condition, they simply gather dust in cupboards, only to be thrown out one day when their color fades. Unknown to you there would be many admirers of this kind of fashion clothing who would be willing to rent the dress if you only take the trouble of making an offer. Websites like RentNotBuy and Loanables make it possible to generate spare cash from unused clothes rentals, and you can also rent out accessories like your handbags, jewelry trinkets and shoes in these sites.

The sky is literally the limit as far as income generating potential is concerned, and if you have a skill or a hobby or passion for something out of the ordinary, try sharing that expertise with people for a steady income. The beauty of this work is that you stay at home, engage yourself in the normal routine and still ensure that every minute generates some type of income for you.