How to get the money

How to get the money associated with financial freedom

Explaining the essence of financial propriety and planning can be simple and straightforward but it is in the implementation that we normally falter. There is for example the philosophy that encourages a person to save upward of $2.5 million which prudence dictates can be leveraged to purchase a good spacious home, and a car with the efficiency and longevity of a Honda or any particular breed that excites your senses and leave enough to plough into reliable investments that assure returns exceeding 5% annually.

That alone clears the path for an annual income exceeding $100,000. If you deduct what needs to be paid for capital gains, you are still left clutching $80,000 annually on which you can live like fairly king size. This is the kind of income that makes a person completely independent and financially strengthened. It also guarantees freedom to reject a lifestyle or a job you do not wish to pursue. You can become selective in choosing a job that satisfies you physically, emotionally and spiritually and insulates you from life’s daily stress and struggle.

There are some wonderful reasons why a person ought to aspire for this kind of financial freedom:

1. You have the freedom to choose a vocation that is not necessarily focused on earning money. That novel that you are intent on finishing, the travel escape that you spent your youth planning, the vacation retreat that you wish to build from scratch – all these goals suddenly become possible, that were totally beyond your means when you were living life from 9 to 5.

2. You get a sense of security which is priceless. It’s the feeling that no matter what happens you will be fine a month, a year or a decade from now. It creates openings to secure your children’s future and secure your own getaway in the twilight years.

3. You get the flexibility to take life one day at a time and not be overly bothered about mixing professional engagements with pleasure trips. You can co-opt a lifestyle that gives you more leisure than you can handle without feeling guilty that you are cutting into your main earning job or part time vocation.

4. You get sufficient time to explore your personal interests or indulge a streak of creativity that would otherwise be denied to you in the daily grind of a monotonous job. You get to do and follow what excites your passions and satisfies your soul.

5. You are gifted with a great deal of stability in the twilight years when your physical movements have slowed down but your desires are racing at fever pitch. It is a moment when the accumulation of money ceases to be of paramount importance because matters of the spirit can dictate the agenda.

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The 10 astonishingly simple tips for achieving financial independence

If we could summarize the steps that lead to financial independence we can humbly say these are the golden words that ensure you reach that destination with mind, body and soul intact:

  • You can start today by emptying half your earnings into a savings bank account that was hitherto running a tad above the minimum balance. Definitely, that’s a huge chunk but if you can teach yourself to live on the remainder you would have won half the battle.
  • You eliminate your debts in a time bound manner, ensuring that you finish them off way ahead of their scheduled dates of payment. It helps a great deal if during this period of sacrifice and more sacrifice, you trim your monthly bills to the bare minimum. Be energized by the thought that a day will dawn when you will be rid of mortgage payments, credit card balances and car loans.
  • My wife and I love our café latte, admittedly an expensive hobby, but there is a peculiar pleasure in brewing a potent decoction at home. Treat yourself to a splurge once in a blue moon but don’t make it a habit that empties your wallet. It’s also wiser to save up for a purchase rather than to reach for the plastic.
  • Buying generic and not branded stuff can be a life changer in more ways than one. Reason? They cut costs by half and are as good as the originals, and serve the same purpose without exhausting finances. The philosophy can be extended to every type of consumer durable that comes into the home.
  • Our tummies are not waste disposal units. So junk food has no place in it. There is a quite exuberant joy in planning and creating a meal in the home, eating out only occasionally. We use our grill and slow cooker to the limit and try avoiding preprocessed and packaged foods that glut the super market. We plan our weekly meals depending on the seasonal veggies and fruits that we source from the farmer’s market. Oh Yes, we take the trouble of visiting the farmer’s cooperatives every weekend to stock up.
  • Energy efficiency is the key to managing a home and household appliances. Switch off what you don’t use and go easy on the HVAC. Keep a conscious check on the kilowatt hours of energy and gas consumption that animates the home. The car ought to be small, fuel efficient and light weight, the lights should be LED where possible with longer replacement cycles, and give the occasional holiday to the AC and the furnace by opening windows and allowing the fresh air inside.
  • Entertainment should be inexpensive or free as far as possible. A visit to the public library should satisfy your craving for good reads, and you can delve into their humungous collection of DVDs and Blu-rays to satisfy your audio visual cravings. Community cultural events should be patronized in a big way. Geocaching is a fabulous way to spend a weekend. Playing soccer and tennis in the public parks is an energizing way to spend a glorious afternoon. Collecting relics, precious metals or postage stamps can be powerfully satisfying hobbies. The fun lies in discovering something new that turns you on.
  • Working from home has humongous benefits. For starters there is no need to maintain an expensive wardrobe. You save precious fuel by avoiding the daily commute. You can make a tasty meal out of leftovers. There’s oodles of time left to finish off your daily chores.
  • Spend time to foster and encourage and build relationships that create enduring bonds and strengthen the community you live in. Very soon you start receiving payback in the form of free babysitting, valuable advice on discounts and great bargains, free dinner parties and get-togethers and sitters that take personal care of your home when you are away.
  • Pursue the long terms interests over short term gains and you will never run short of life’s basic necessities. Get into the habit of judging financial gains in small and major activities that you may regularly engage in. Gradually you shed those ventures that drain money and shift to activities that reduce expenses while you boost savings.
    The last word

Financial freedom is an immaculate concept that every able bodied householder should religiously pursue. It is the passport to a lifestyle that energizes and fructifies your most cherished dreams. The $2.5 million question is are you up to the task? Be content that the results will be worth the sacrifices you have made. Car Title Loans Chula Vista 2300 Boswell Rd, Chula Vista, CA 91914 (619) 458-3235